Indivisible: Make an impact on the election with 50 Actions in 50 Days

Public service announcement on voting.

Indivisible: Make an impact on the election with 50 Actions in 50 Days

Here are 50 actions you can take in the next 50 days to make an impact on the most consequential election of our lifetimes:

First and foremost, let’s make sure you (and the people you love) are all set to vote:

1. Figure out your state’s voting requirements like deadlines, ID laws, and options to vote-by-mail.

2. Some states don’t have to notify you when they purge voter rolls, so make sure to check your voter registration status.

3. Request and return your vote-by-mail ballot as soon as possible (preferably at a ballot box or the board of elections office).

4. If you’re voting by mail, track your ballot online through your local election office to make sure it’s on its way. Tell 3 friends to do the same!

5. If you do plan to vote in person, find your polling place.

6. If you can, make a plan to vote safely by wearing a mask and appropriately socially distancing.

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7. Host a voter registration event.

8. Offset the national poll worker shortage by volunteering to Power the Polls.

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9. Reach out to a parent in your life: do they have a plan to vote? Have they been able to arrange child care for Election Day or are they bringing the whole family to the polls?

10. Reach out to one new voter in your life, whether it be a college student or new citizen, to make sure they’re ready for the vote of their lifetimes!

11. Reach out to an essential or frontline worker in your life: make sure they have a plan to vote and send them an extra “thank you!” from us.

12. Encourage a hesitant voter: this election is just a jumping off point for transformative change. Share Barack Obama’s DNC speech for some added motivation!

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13. Call a friend or family member in another county or state: are they ready?

14. It’s been 100 years since the 19th Amendment gave women the right to vote. Check in with one woman in your life and make sure they have a voting plan — share this video of Michelle Obama talking about women’s suffrage for good measure!

Take these steps to make sure you stay in the know:

15. Register for our Windivisible GOTV Bootcamp on October 3. GOTV stands for “Get Out the Vote” and this half-day training is designed to help you get involved in the most critical period before election day.

16. Learn more about Joe Biden’s platform (and how he compares to Trump) with this handy graphic.

17. Watch our Indivisible Weekly videos and subscribe to our channel to get caught up with our work.

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18. Read this resource about the issues we’re focused on to rebuild our democracy after we win in November.

19. Text “Joe” to 30330 to get updates from the Biden campaign.

20. Download the “Vote Joe” app on your phone. It’s a great way to check in on your friends and family — just update info on your personal contacts and check to see if they have a plan to vote!

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21. Use our Event Map to find a virtual event “near” you.

22. Join our October National Activist Call on October 1 to talk through key issues with group leaders and other Indivisibles.

23. Tune in to Joe Biden’s CNN Townhall on September 17 at 8 p.m. ET live from Scranton, Pennsylvania!

24. Livestream the presidential debates on September 29 and October 15

25. Follow us on social media: TwitterInstagramYouTube

Take action:

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26. Donate to support our work to mobilize voters in communities across the country.

27. Join the cast of Hamilton for a week-long letter writing challenge with VoteFWD.

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28. Call your senators and demand they pass the Heroes Act to ensure safe, secure elections.

29. Record a video about why saving the Postal Service is important to you.

30. Call your senators and demand they act now to save the Postal Service by cosponsoring the Delivering for America Act.

31. Sign up for the Payback Project and help us take down these 12 Trump enablers who are up for reelection so we can turn the Senate blue.

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32. Fill out the Census! It’s important for your community and your response is confidential.

33. Amplify our work by forwarding one of our emails to someone new.

34. Pledge to Protect the Results to avoid a constitutional crisis if Trump refuses to accept the results of the election.

35. Call your senators and demand they co-sponsor the Thrive Resolution. This plan lays the groundwork for COVID recovery in 2021.

36. Learn more about how our partners at Swing Left are planning to tackle “Super States” during the last 3 weekends before November 3.

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37. Contribute to the Biden-Harris campaign by picking up merch from their official store.

Learn something new:

38. Learn more about voter suppression with the help of Stacey Abrams.

39. Check out this article about how the Voting Rights Act has been challenged.

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40. Check out the highlights from Postmaster General DeJoy’s House hearing on how he’s crippling the Postal Service.

41. Get educated on gerrymandering and how it’s being used to suppress Black votes.

42. Learn about how ex-felons are being kept from voting, even if their state changed felon disenfranchisement laws.

43. Read and share this blogpost about disability inclusion in our elections.

Get fired up to win:

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44. Reminder: record turnout helped us take the House in 2018 — another blue tsunami is coming!

45. Record a video telling us what you’re doing to help us win and why you’re in this fight.

46. Tag us in an election-related post on social media. We want to see your signs, pins, and smiles!

47. Check out Julián Castro’s new podcast to get inspired by our country’s diversity and resilience.

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48. Use our DNC YouTube playlist to rewatch inspiring speeches.

49. Kick-back for a good chat and a few laughs with Michelle and Barack in the first episode of her new podcast.

And, finally…

50. Sign up to phonebank with Windivisible. Talking to voters directly is the best way to educate and engage them about what their vote means for the future of our democracy!