Key pesticide industry propaganda shop shuts down

US Right To Know: Key pesticide industry propaganda shop shuts down

The Council for Biotechnology Information, a major public relations initiative launched two decades ago by leading pesticide companies to persuade the public to accept GMOs, has closed up shop. Its flagship program, the GMO Answers marketing campaign run by Ketchum PR firm, is now under the umbrella and funding of CropLife International, the leading international trade group for pesticide companies.

See our post about CBI’s fascinating history. Documents from the group highlight its explicit focus on developing and training third party allies – particularly academics, dietitians and farmers – to promote GMOs as beneficial.

For more, see our updated fact sheets about the Council for Biotechnology Information and GMO Answers.

Dying man asks CA Supreme Court to restore jury award in Monsanto Roundup case: The school groundskeeper who won the first-ever trial over allegations that Monsanto’s Roundup causes cancer is asking the California Supreme Court to restore $250 million in punitive damages awarded by the jury who heard his case. An appeals court slashed the amount to $20.5 million.

Notably, the appeal by plaintiff Dewayne “Lee” Johnson has larger implications than his own individual case. His lawyers are urging the court to address a legal twist that can leave people such as Johnson, who are facing death in the near term, with lower damage awards than others expected to live many years in suffering and pain. Read the latest in Carey Gillam’s Roundup Trial Tracker

More food news for our health 

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