Loved community activist burnt out can you help?

Mark West allies lost homes … any help?

If you know of a rental or safe place for our friend and ally Ray, and his family … please be in touch.  Ray can be contacted at:
You may remember Ray as the retired Planner (yup … county) who lives up in the Mark West Watershed.  He has been a tremendous resource to us all for a very long time.  Let’s see if we can provide some resources to him now …
“… Just learned our home is gone. Anyone know of an area rental that’s big enough for both Barbara and me and our caregiver and her husband (and one very good dog)? …”
Ray’s last photo as he drove away from the fires …
Jay Gamel also lost his home in the fires … and probably many other people.  All are in shock, and in need.  Help if you can.
Lean in.
Stay safe, stay well and savor the moments.