The best fire prep list!

When it happens, it is happening quick. We all know people who have been burnt out again….please be safe. 

Created by Kenyon Webster, former City of Sebastopol Planner 

Critical actions:
1) Planning
A) Create a written emergency checklist in collaboration with your house-mates—do
it a head of time—it’s hard to think straight or agree on what to do when the emergency is happening
          a. Immediate evacuation checklist
          b. When-have-more-time checklist
B) Agreed-upon rendezvous location, plus out-of-area phone contact
C) Sign up for SoCoAlert, Nixle
D) Consult with your insurance agent re coverage
E) Photograph contents of house with your cell phone
F) Clean up landscaping on on-going basis
2)Go bag
A) Go bag basics—put by front door on red flag days
B)Prepare go bag:
o Critical documents—home insurance, birth certificate, passport, Social Security card, etc. (insurance info)
0  Cell/device chargers
Medication (pets too)
o Toiletries
o Eyeglasses
o Cash
o Change of clothes
Written list of contact information
o Water, food (pets too)
o Portable battery powered radio
 Other key items:
▪Laptop, tablet, computer tower
▪More clothing, food if have room
o Don’t forget your wallet/purse
3) How to leave.
Most of our area is forest or woodland—fighting forest fire off yourself is not realistic—
and help unlikely to arrive–if that kind of fire is coming, leave!
A) Park car near, point out, keep windows and doors closed
B) Have handy:
     o Flashlight
     o Boots or sturdy shoes
     o Mask or scarf
     o Gloves
     o Eye protection
     o Hat
     o Key: clothing should be natural fabrics if possible—cotton or wool—better protection/
higher ignition point than some synthetic fabrics
4) Prep if you have time—in growing threat, but not evac order situation
      o Monitor internet, radio, tv, scanner, walkie-talkie if you have one
      o Review evacuation checklist
      o Shut house windows; open, remove or tie back flammable curtains and shutters
      o Move flammable furniture away from windows
      o Unlock gates for firefighter access
      o Leave lights on for firefighters
      o Keep pets inside in preparation for leaving; prepare pet carriers, pet food and 
     o Move firewood, flammable outdoor furniture, etc. away from around house
     o Move propane BBQs away from structures
     o Fill buckets with water and position around house
     o If have extension ladder position it for firefighter use
     o Assemble tools such as fire extinguisher, shovels, rakes, chainsaws, pry bars, buckets
     o Think about multiple escape routes
     o Notify relatives, friends, trusted neighbors to make sure they are aware of your
    o Pack other personal needs and supplies in your car
    o Pack other important possessions in your car if have room
    o Check on your elderly or disabled neighbors and provide help if you can
5) Fire is here/imminent danger
o Leave
o Leave early
o Evacuate by vehicle, not on foot. Keep car windows closed. Generally safer in
   car than on foot
o Unless fire location says otherwise, going west on Bodega generally means less potential
    traffic congestion (West County only)
Honk your horn as you are leaving to help alert neighbors
o Blow air horn if you have one
o If cannot evacuate, stay in house or other fire -resistant structure as long as possible, exit
   if it becomes unsafe or fire is past peak
o Pools, ponds, culverts may be refuge if all else fails; vineyards and mowed fields are 
   lower-risk options also
o If fire is right there and you are on foot or in your house, stay low to try to avoid toxic
   gases/superheated air
*Note fire professionals say avoid canyons and try to always go downhill as fire updrafts 

Note from friend in Santa Rosa….be prepared……

WE lost everything 

Everyone lost their homes save Rob and a few others up the hill

Dan saved many people – he came screaming up our drive around 9pm with his motorbike on Sunday and came up to the house he thought we had a few hours
We went on Gary’s motorcycle to investigate – one minute down Holst onto Los Alamos we saw the BEAST of fire … hard to describe – I started shaking and loudly told Gary we have to go now – we got the cats and left
Dan stayed and fought the fire until 3am
And then got in the pond — the heat was overwhelming … one of his exceptional cats was badly  burned he held it in the pond until 6am when the cat died
Betsy and Dan snuck up to our neighborhood yesterday taking photos and David they went to their land to find the other cat who had unbelievably died right next to the other……
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