Prop P Letters to the Editor: Press Democrat


Misleading campaign

EDITOR: I suppose it’s common for political campaigns to spin arguments to benefit one side. There is even a whole industry of political fact checkers who are kept busy giving out “Pinnochios” to help voters separate fact from falsehood.

Even with that understanding, seeing signs urging a no vote on Measure P with a blatantly false tagline was disheartening. The signs say “Don’t Defund Our Deputies,” which is catchy, persuasive and a big fat lie.

Measure P doesn’t relate to or affect the budget of the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office. Not one penny. It relates to transparency and accountability. It is shameful that the no on P campaign would wrap themselves in the moral high ground of law enforcement and lie to voters to defeat this measure.

On further reflection, voters should see this blatant example of dishonesty as another good reason to vote for Measure P. The deputies’ union is lying to our community because it objects to reasonable oversight.

K. B.

Santa Rosa