WWW Supports Organic transition to schools and farms

We are proud to be included in this statewide, 2 year process to transition to organic food in our schools and to help conventional farmers convert to organic practices. It’s a team effort and we are making progress. 


Thank you for signing on to one or both of CCOF’s sign-on letters to CDFA advocating that an Organic Transition Option be added to the California Dept. of Food and Agriculture’s Healthy Soils program.

After a year-long campaign, the advisory panel to CDFA on the program declined to forward CCOF’s proposal. Instead, the panel voted in favor of a last minute suggestion offered by California Farm Bureau Federation. Find more information here: https://www.ccof.org/blog/state-funds-organic-transition-healthy-soils-program-postponed

The upwelling of support for organic farming as a solution to many community challenges is the lasting win in this campaign. Let’s build on this momentum! 

We are now pivoting to work on a Water Campaign that puts forth organic farming as an essential element in keeping California’s surface and groundwaters free of pollutants. Please let me know if you have thoughts on this!

Now more than ever, let’s find common ground and build on the strength of our righteous causes and grassroots support.

I invite you to reach out to discuss how we can support each other’s goals. Onward!