New oak woodlands destruction for more winegrapes, approved again…

Please let your supervisors know we are tired of the destruction for more winegrapes in the middle of a megadrought and grape glut. Half of the county has burnt in the last 5 years . 
We urge the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors to step up, be a true leader in the state, and protect the county’s unprotected biologically and globally important woodlands now.  
Uplands of Laguna de Santa Rosa mostly native oak woodland cleared pursuant to a county approved permit.
County approved 11-acre tree removal – mostly native oaks.
Adjacent to the Laguna de Santa Rosa.
Ken Wilson project beginning of approx. 200 acre oak tree removal – for wine grapes.  
We seek immediate Board action to stop the destruction of climate-serving-woodlands until such time as a science driven twenty-first century Tree Protection Ordinance has been adopted by Sonoma County.   We request an urgency interim ordinance adopting a moratorium on woodland tree removal and other damaging activities until said Ordinance is in place.
In the upcoming days, we will be contacting your office for a meeting to discuss this matter .
Thank you again for your work on behalf of Sonoma County.