The future of the restaurant industry Dec. 1st 5pm: Local Food Guru Clark Wolf

Recalibrating the Restaurant Industry: Conversation with local food guru Clark Wolf


This conversation was discussed and planned late last year, well before we knew anything about a world changing pandemic. No business or social group I know is as adaptable as food people. An old saying goes that, in a restaurant, it’s not so much what happens (because everything imaginable does), it’s how you react, how you handle it.

But this is different, bigger, more fundamental. So many forces that have been pushing on what we have used and accepted in the restaurant world just don’t, won’t or should no longer work. So now what?

We’re certainly open to posing some solutions but first and foremost we need to keep our focus on the biggest issues we simply must address. This is such a huge part of our culture and by some measures the largest industry in the world. We need to eat, to gather, to share, to nourish. Our society thrives on the mobility – possibly upward – and the connectivity the restaurant industry has historically provided.

Join some very smart people – Marion Nestle, Krishnendu Ray, Traci Des Jardins and Mitchell Davis – for a lively discussion about what’s most important and where we go from here.

Warmest, but becoming seasonably cool,


Please join us to discuss the future of the restaurant industry in a time of unprecedented change.

Tuesday, December 1, 5:00 PM EST/2PM PST

Join us!