ACCOUNTABLE USA: Corruption Newsletter on covid


To understand just how insufficient the new stimulus bill is, consider the latest devastating jobs report from December. Following a deeply disappointing November report, this month’s numbers revealed that more than 1.5 million Americans filed for unemployment in just the past two weeks. Millions more Americans have been unemployed for months, and are heading into the holidays with thousands in debt. See our full statement here.

  • As Congress prepares to inject close to another trillion dollars into the economy, Accountable.US continues to find new instances of CARES Act funds being used and abused by the wealthy and well-connected. You can stay up to date on how federal funds are distributed by checking out our COVID Bailout Tracker.
  • Newly unearthed recipients of CARES Act dollars include vendors who were paid millions by President Trump’s reelection campaign, right-wing organizations that spoke out against pandemic relief aid, and celebrities like Jay-Z and the Olsen twins. Read the full report here.
  • In spite of clear evidence of abuse, the new stimulus package approved by Congress includes no new oversight for SBA and PPP loans. In fact, Trump treasury officials went so far as to publish a misleading op-ed in the Wall Street Journal touting the success of these programs. To separate fact from fiction, we fact-checked the op-ed.
  • Pharma Update:
    • Reports indicate that several European countries have secured the COVID-19 vaccine at a lower price than America did. It appears that Operation Warp Speed — which invested heavily in vaccine programs — failed to negotiate a better deal for patients and taxpayers. Read our full statement here.
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