Occupy Sonoma County: Effective Strategies for Climate Activism

YES WE CAN….Occupy Sonoma County: Effective Strategies for Climate Activism

Thank you for attending our teach-in with Daniel Solnit on Effective Strategies for Climate Activism.  That event was video recorded for our Youtube page where you can watch many of our teach-ins.  The link to this latest video is included below.
The sound quality improves after the first few minutes so stay with it.  If you use the Closed Caption option that will fill in anything you might miss in those first few minutes.
Daniel’s excellent presentation was well researched with great visuals.  Please share the link below far and wide to anyone you wish to educate or inspire about climate change. 
This presentation is well-suited to the general public that may be especially open to learning more about this topic after experiencing the effects of climate change locally and globally as extreme weather events and unprecedented wildfires.  Climate change is here.
Here is the link to the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c781Ty3yke4&t=17s.
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All OSC teach-in plans have been put on hold until we can hold public events again.  Meanwhile, we have been active behind the scenes supporting local Black Lives Matter activism and the passing of Measure P for police oversight.  We are especially active in the Sonoma County Climate Activist Network (SoCoCAN!) including the planning of an online summit last month.  The summit was video recorded and will include Spanish subtitles.  You can contact us to be included in the SoCoCAN! listserv and to receive a link to their climate summit video.
Go to our website for more information about the work we have been doing.
Thank you for supporting the work of Occupy Sonoma County by sharing our videos, attending our events, and contributing financially.
We look forward to seeing you again when public gatherings can be held.
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