Supervisor Hopkins Strikes Out Again: “An unfair burden”

Let The Public Speak, Letter to the PD

“An unfair burden”

EDITOR: Regarding Measure B, Supervisor Lynda Hopkins continues to misrepresent the facts. She claims that 80% of the emergency services provided by the Bodega Bay Fire District are for tourists.

The fact is the fire district considers anyone not in its ZIP code to be a tourist. When specifically asked, they cannot provide a breakdown of calls specifying the ZIP code of persons requiring assistance. Thus, there is no way to know whether they are helping tourists or locals. One would think that this information would be important when requesting additional funding.

When the initial COVID-19 lockdown occurred, lodging properties throughout Sonoma County were closed to tourists. Yet the coast was teeming with day visitors from all over the area — none with an overnight reservation.

Measure B is a misguided means of providing funding for emergency services. It places an unfair burden on west county lodging properties and their guests without sharing this cost with all residents who use the coast. I support a countywide effort to fund emergency services along our coastline. It should not be left to Bodega Bay to shoulder the entire cost of safety. Vote no on Measure B — a poorly thought through measure.