As Sonoma County wants to allow another water sucking industry: California Vineyards Prepare for 2021 Drought Conditions

Sonoma County Supervisors asleep at the wheel:

California Vineyards Prepare for 2021 Drought Conditions



With California facing drought conditions in 2021 following a 2020 growing season that was one of the driest and warmest in recent history, University of California (UC) crop water management and irrigation specialists provided advice to Lodi winegrape growers during two March workshops to help manage irrigation this season. Growers are advised to begin irrigation early for proper canopy growth and fruit set, use available technologies to monitor water status and efficiently apply irrigation, and monitor soils and irrigation water for salinity levels.

The workshops resulted through the efforts of John Shinn, a LODI RULES certified winegrape grower and partner in Shinn & Son Vineyard Management, and Lodi Winegrape Commission (LWC) research, education and sustainable winegrowing director Dr. Stephanie Bolton who worked with UC experts to organize the program. Shinn explained, “There is an overall need to manage our water better. This is an important topic that’s only going to get more important.” He added, “If anybody in our area hasn’t started irrigating yet, I think they will have to fire-up their pumps soon.”

Vines Need Early Season Water

UC Cooperative Extension (UCCE) viticulture advisor for San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Counties Mark Battany has studied vineyard water factors worldwide. He discussed water needs and desired stress levels during the three main stages of vine growth.