Sierra Club Alert: Protect the Suisun Marsh from Gas Drilling

Sierra Club Alert: Protect the Suisun Marsh from Gas Drilling

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Protect Suisun Marsh!

Oppose Proposed Gas Drilling
Support Clean Air & Water
Protect Wildlife & Habitat 


Sunset Exploration, Inc., a Brentwood-based energy company, is trying to explore an old gas well in Suisun Marsh. We can’t allow drilling in our wetlands. They are trying to fast track a permit from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers without holding a public hearing or doing a full Environmental Impact Study.

Tell the Army Corps of Engineers to stop this

Natural gas wells can cause all kinds of environmental damage including damaging the air quality and poisoning the water. The waters of Suisun Marsh feed into the San Francisco Bay and San Joaquin/Sacramento Delta which provides drinking water for millions of Californians. Oil wells can leak toxic chemicals into this water.

Take action to halt this project

The proposed site is also close to communities like Vallejo, Benicia, and Fairfield and could cause air pollution, including greenhouse gas emissions, Nitrous Oxide, and Particulate Matter 2.5, which harms public health. These cities already are impacted by air quality issues and should not be subjected to more, especially the communities of color that so often bear the brunt of these environmental injustices.

Don’t let this project get fast-tracked

Suisun Marsh is home to several endemic and endangered species of plant and animal life that would be put at risk by this proposed drilling. The Army Corps of Engineers needs to deny the permit, or at least hold public hearings and conduct a full Environmental Impact Review.

Send an email to the Army Corps of Engineers
telling them no drilling in Suisun Marsh

In community,
Jacob Klein
Sierra Club, Redwood Chapter