Silver Estates Update: Guerneville Forest Coalition

Silver Estates Update: Guerneville Forest Coalition

Cal Fire Decision Postponed Again

This is just a quick update to inform you that Cal Fire has once again postponed its decision regarding the Silver Estates logging plan near Guerneville.

According to an online status update posted on Friday, Cal Fire’s decision whether to approve the plan will now not be made until March 19 at the earliest. This is most likely due to the large number of public comments, and concerns about the plan expressed by Sonoma County. We’ll keep you posted.

Other news:

Supervisor Lynda Hopkins now says that she has reservations on the process used to approve the project and wants to ensure that all concerns about the impacts on the environment and infrastructure have been adequately addressed by Cal Fire before the project moves forward. In a follow-up to Tuesday’s article in the Press Democrat, she said:

“While we are glad to hear that the historic Clar Tree will not be logged, we have heard compelling arguments about the need for expanding the current buffer zone to protect the tree. Additionally, we have heard community concerns about potential impacts to the 116 scenic view corridor, which we believe merits additional investigation.”

Please remind Supervisor Hopkins that she needs to follow through on this commitment by emailing her at

GFC member John Dunlap wrote a persuasive op-ed that was published in today’s Press Democrat. The article highlights how difficult it has been for the public to keep track of the myriad of changes made to the THP during the review process. Read the article here.


If Cal Fire approves the logging plan, we have only 30 days to launch an appeal. We cannot do this without financial support. Please donate today.

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