Can you Hear me Now? Wrong place for cannabis

Wrong place for cannabis

EDITOR: We are residents of Sonoma and moved here because of the beauty of Sonoma County, including the vineyards that dot our landscape. We are concerned with the plans to ease restrictions for the cultivation of cannabis. There are at least three important concerns that must be addressed.

First, the odor is absolutely unpleasant and it is impossible to contain. Sonoma residents should not have to deal with this skunk-like odor.

Second, the water that is needed to grow this crop is off the charts compared to other crops. We need to take into account that our climate is changing, and so is our water supply. With all the new development in Sonoma County and the further demand for water associated with the growth of cannabis, there isn’t an adequate water supply available.


Third, it’s difficult to understand any decision to approve cannabis projects except that they’re offering to buy their way into our county.


Please don’t let this industry change the character of Sonoma County. Don’t change our land use rules. There are more appropriate areas in the state where cannabis could be grown without such conflicts.

S. and R. GRASSI