Hopkins Asleep at the Wheel? Citizens say yes…..

Uninformed officials

EDITOR: It does not go without note that Supervisor Lynda Hopkins was quoted as saying that she has not seen that there were 65,000 acres that would be available for cannabis growing under the county’s proposal (“Rift over cannabis farms widening,” April 4). If she didn’t know such an important provision, it indicates to me that she may not fully understand the depth and breadth of this ordinance that she advocated for. Agricultural Commissioner Andrew Smith, when asked at a town meeting if hoop houses would need permits, gave an answer and then vacillated and changed his answer. Seems he wasn’t clear. These are very basic provisions.

The ramifications of this proposed law are huge. When our elected officials and their appointed staff are not fully educated on what they are proposing, it puts all constituents in jeopardy. This is indeed troubling.

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