Coast Action Group on Pt Reyes: regulations for ranches must be enforced

This letter sent to Jarred Huffman and Marc Levine

Ranches at Pt. Reyes National Seashore

My preference is that the ranches should go. However, there are other
issues related to the ranches (and cows) – if it is decided to let them
remain – with their close to 6,000 cows.
The issue is water quality and compliance with contractual agreement by
all the ranches and dairies to comply with State Non-Point Source
Pollution Control Policy (included in the Basin Plan for Region 2).
Every ranch and dairy contract has a agreement statement that they will
comply with State Non-Point Source Pollution Control Policy.  The fact is
there is no evidence (ZERO evidence) that they are complying with their
contractual agreement to comply.  Thus, numerous surface water and ground
water resources are compromised.
The expectation is , that if the ranches and diaries are allowed to
continued operations in the National Park – that there will be actual
enforcement of that provision in their contracts.
A. L.
Coast Action Group
Affiliate of Redwood Coast Watersheds Alliance