Please take FOG’s quick and easy action to protect your neighborhood!

Supervisors Hopkins & Gore, can you hear us now? 

Please take FOG’s quick and easy action to protect your neighborhood!

We have come to the final lap and now ACTION is necessary. This is our last and best chance to stop this disaster. Please take this simple action and pass this on to like-minded friends:

1.    Copy and paste the text below into an email to all of the supervisors:

Dear Supervisors:
I have been closely following the amendments and revisions to the cannabis ordinance for Sonoma County, have read the letters in the newspapers and the information and analysis from neighborhood groups. I’m unhappy that the County has not reached out to residents and has been influenced too much by the industry in the drafting. I have come to the conclusion that the Subsequent Mitigated Declaration is fatally flawed and unfixable. It is time to return to the Board’s earlier decision to do a project-wide EIR for Phase 2. Sonoma County needs an EIR, one which will protect our natural resources, will comply with CEQA requirements and at the same time give residents a right to their health, safety and peaceful enjoyment of their properties


2.    Copy and paste these emails below into the TO line:

3.    Type: Cannabis Ordinance BOS 5/18/21 in the SUBJECT LINE

4.    Send this email any time before the BOS meeting on Tuesday 5/18. Right now is the best time.

5.    If you would like to write a more detailed letter, below is a link to a letter to the supervisors from the Coalition of Neighborhood Advocates. FOG has signed this letter.

       CNA Letter to BOS

       or glean material from the website:

Thanks for your support, your donations, letters to the Planning Commissioners and the media.

Friends of Graton (FOG)