Sierra Club: June 10th, 6pm Watch “River’s End: California’s Latest Water War” with us!

Sierra Club: June 10th, 6pm Watch “River’s End: California’s Latest Water War” with us!

By Molly Culton

rivers end title screen

Sierra Club California, in partnership with ro*co films, will be hosting a virtual screening of the award-winning documentary film “River’s End: California’s Latest Water War.” The film, directed by Jacob Morrison, chronicles the risk that excessive water diversions from the Sacramento and San Joaquin river systems—at the behest of Big Agriculture—pose to the San Francisco Bay Delta.

A freshwater body formed where the Sacramento river, San Joaquin river, and several smaller rivers meet, the San Francisco Bay Delta is the largest natural estuary on the West Coast of both North and South America. Covering more than 1,100 square miles—an area about three times the size of the City of San Diego—the Bay-Delta provides key habitat and breeding grounds for a range of animals, including the Chinook salmon and endangered Delta smelt. It is also the primary hub for California’s water distribution system, supplying drinking water to more than 27 million people – nearly two-thirds of the California population.

The Bay-Delta’s future and function is threatened by a proposal to build a single tunnel that would divert millions of acre-feet of fresh water from the area above the Delta to parts below the estuary. Sierra Club California opposes the construction of the tunnel project and believes strongly that local and regional solutions can sustainability meet water needs while protecting this key habitat from destruction.

River’s End is the winner of the Jury Award and People’s Choice Award at the 2021 Wild and Scenic Film Festival. The film runs 81 minutes. Register to watch the film and attend the Q&A panel with the filmmakers on Thursday, June 10 at 6:00pm.

Join our campaign to help protect this critically endangered resource, and check out our Stop the Delta Tunnel Facebook group where we post timely updates and ways you can take action.