PD Letters to the Editor: Growth and water

EDITOR: Regarding the drought, Staff Writer Mary Callahan wrote: “Supervisors also sought to put consumers and other water users on notice that it’s time to get real about the severity of the water shortage and the shared sacrifices that will be needed …” (“County declares drought a crisis,” April 28).

At the same time all of us curtail our water usage, will we also put a moratorium on all building in counties affected by water shortages? Will we see county and city elected representatives go on record mandating a halt to all business expansions and home development projects? Because as soon as I see a complete stoppage to all new developments, that will be when I know that we have a water crisis.

If you will argue with me that we do not have enough water for the current residents and businesses in our area, how can you make even one argument for continuing to build houses and businesses that will use up even more water?

I’ve lived in this area for more than 30 years, and I’ve been through this song and dance before. It is time we all faced the music.

JB Windsor