Guerneville Logging Plan Latest

How many more hits can the Russian River area take? Today we found out the Russian River now has toxic blue algae and river flow levels are expected to be further reduced. This logger still has not cleaned up the brush (think fire fuel) from the last logging. Neeley Road residents are at risk. 

Guerneville Logging Plan Latest

Still No Decision on Logging Plan.

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Here’s the latest on the Silver Estates logging plan in Guerneville and an update on GFC activities:

Cal Fire Decision Still Pending

Cal Fire has still not announced its decision regarding the proposed plan by Redwood Empire to log 224 acres of forest along the Russian River in Guerneville. The decision has now been postponed nine times since February. While this gives us more time to raise awareness and fundraise, we are disappointed that, rather than reject a flawed plan, Cal Fire continues to work with Redwood Empire to reduce their legal risk. A new decision date has been set for July 2 but could well be postponed yet again.

One Year On…

It’s a year to the day that the GFC was created and we held our first meeting over Zoom. Thanks to everyone who has encouraged and supported our efforts to protect the Redwoods and Douglas Firs on Neeley Hill and in the Silver Grove. To date, we have over 200 supporters. Whether you helped distribute flyers, wrote a letter to Cal Fire, signed our petition, or donated funds, we are hugely grateful.

While we sadly expect the Silver Estates logging plan to be given approval (Cal Fire rarely ever denies such plans), we will continue to fight for the forest and our community. This may mean legal action, so please keep up your financial support. And let us know if you can help in any way. Email us at:

Coming Up…

Now that we can finally start to gather and socialize again, GFC members will be out and about raising awareness and fundraising. Please join us at two upcoming events:

Sonoma County Climate Activist Network

We are delighted to announce that Sonoma County Climate Activist Network is taking an active role in advocating for forest protection, and has been helping us with ideas and outreach efforts. In their recent newsletter, they wrote:

“Healthy forests sequester tons of carbon and provide essential protection from increasing global warming. When we allow forests to be disturbed and “managed” through logging, we intensify fire’s existential threat. Thinning and clearcutting of surrounding forests caused the 2018 Camp Fire to advance quickly toward the town of Paradise and devastate it. The 2020 Creeks Fire also advanced quickly through previously thinned and cleared forests. Yet thousands of acres are currently being logged in Sonoma County. The urgent question is how can we better protect our communities from catastrophic fires while regenerating rather than destroying our forest ecosystems.”

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