Water and Toxic Algae Alert: Sebastopol water testing for high rates of hexavalent chromium toxin

Sebastopol Water Information Group (SWiG) has been informed that high levels of hexavalent chromium, cancer causing chemical is being detected in wells in the area. Lynch Road resident just had their well tested and the levels of the chromium have gone up from 6ppb (parts per billion) to 17 ppb. Hessel had 16ppb recently. The resident has installed reverse osmosis water system in hopes of eliminating some of the toxic substance.

Other areas in the state that have gone over 10 ppb the state, Central California, the state health officials  have trucked in drinking water for health reasons until rectified. The County was notified of the situation some time ago.  As the chemical is also naturally occurring, nothing was done by the County. Supervisor Hopkins office was also notified.  

The news is reporting that in the Gualala River, Salmon Creek and Russian River that the deadly blue algae toxin has been found. With water levels to be further reduced, this toxin will only get more concentrated.  State officials have previously identified a new emerging toxin that attaches to plant and humans and is even even more toxic. No mention of this emerging toxin was reported on. 


The Russian River area has been hard hit during the pandemic and now with the algae situation, another tough position to deal with. 


If you suspect hexavalent chromium in your well, please get your water tested!