PD: Displacement of Guerneville homeless camp divides community

UPDATE: The good neighbors at Noel’s who tried to help the homeless and local businesses are getting death threats for trying to solve problems. Maybe if the news van had showed up the 5th District supervisor Hopkins would have shown up like the Rodota Trail fiasco.


Social Equality Opinion: Sonoma County is now #3 in homeless population for the entire nation behind Honolulu and Orange County. Recent PD article on the removal of the ever growing homeless encampment in Guerneville highlights the disconnect of supervisors not addressing the problems of inequality and the policies that have turned Sonoma County into the “have and have nots”.

Supervisor Hopkins (another homeless encampment in her district) shows up for action when the TV crews come to film like the Rodota fiasco. With the same funding by Project Homekey, Oakland housed over 100 in permanent housing while SoCo under Hopkins direction housed a mere 36. Where is accountability where are the stop gaps on the investor class and vacation rental businesses buying property that raise the housing affordability and take valuable worker housing away?

Time for better government and supervisors that work for the people and not campaign funding. 


Heroes or vigilantes? Displacement of Guerneville homeless …

Displacement of Guerneville homeless camp divides community. ETHAN VARIAN. THE PRESS DEMOCRAT. July 10, 2021, 8:37PM … They say they worked with camp residents to coordinate their relocation …