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Below is an application ATT filed to Discontinue California Landline service.
If you or someone you know requires landline service it is important to contact the FCC, CPUC, your local California representatives now.
Please feel free to send this info to concerned and interested persons who will be affected by the discontinuation of landline service so they can help protect landlines service too.
Tell them it is Imperative that landline phone service be kept accessible and affordable to all persons that require landline as phone service.
1. Many people will have NO phone service if the landline is eliminated.
2. Senior, disabled, the hearing impaired, those with certain medical, health and cognitive issues are NOT able to use cell phones and can only use landline. The elimination of landline will eliminate many folks from having access to phones.
3. Cell phones and cell towers do NOT work in emergencies and Calif has ongoing emergencies.
4. Cell phones are more expensive, have poor quality service, emit EMF radiation, impair privacy which prohibits many people from being able to use cell phone.
5. There is evidence that placing the entire public on cell phone use only will place every person onto the planned 5G grid. This will have destructive ecological and health consequences for humans, animals, life on earth.
6.  Cell towers and their radiation disrupt the migration abilities of whales, sea life, birds and other wildlife to find their way.
Here is the link to more info & to contact:

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ection 214 application AT&T Services, Inc., filed on behalf of its affiliate AT&T Corp. with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on July 13, 2021. In the application, AT&T Corp. provides notice of its intent to discontinue Residential Local Service throughout its service territory in California.

If you would like to leave a public comment for the proceeding, you may leave a comment on the docket at:″

Thank you for contacting the California Public Utilities Commission’s Public Advisor’s Office. The Proceeding for this application, A2105007, is located at the following docket card link: Proceeding Details ( The application is located under the docket tab.

If you would like to leave a public comment for the proceeding, you may leave a comment on the docket at: 

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