Forest Unlimited: Redwood Planting Volunteers, Sale of Redwood Seedlings

Update: Forest Unlimited does this program yearly. Consider joining.  Redwood Planting Volunteers, Sale of Redwood Seedlings

Redwood Planting Volunteers

We still need volunteers for our 2023 redwood seedlings plantings. We have doubled our efforts this coming year from previous years thanks to a disbursement from reforestation from California River Watch. Saturday, Jan 28 at the Jenner Headlands
Sunday, Jan 29- a private parcel with a conservation easement adjacent to Occidental Arts and Ecology. These plantings will start about 9 am and last until about 4 pm. There will be planting dates later in the month as well but we will see what is needed for them later.
We especially need more volunteers on Sunday at St. Dorothy’s Rest in Camp Meeker. If you don’t know, this retreat was setup as a retreat for terminally ill children to spend some of their last days in a beautiful natural setting. This it is, and we are committed to improving it. Please email our volunteer coordinator Harlie if you can participate at: Harlie Rankin <>  Thank you.
Redwood Seedling Sales


Forest Unlimited will have additional redwood seedlings to sell at basically our cost, $3 per seedling. If you have appropriate land or know someone who has, please email us to let us know and approximately how many. We are especially interested  in targeting forest land that has been impacted by fire in the past few years.Since the seedlings are redwoods appropriate forest lands are ones that already have some redwoods or have had redwoods in the recent historic past. As this point, we have several hundred seedlings to sell. For buying redwood seedlings, contact Larry Hanson <>
Thank you for your past support and interest and we wish you a good New Year 2023!