California finally getting behind E Bikes

We all know traveling in the EU, a growing segment of the population has gone to electric scooters and E-bikes for transportation needs. It helps the planet realize climate goals, costs less, is easy to use and keeps the greedy oil companies out of the loop. Transportation costs for cars, insurance maintenance and gas can frequently cost a lower income family up to 29% of their income. E-bikes come in all sizes and include passengers and cargo. The US has been behind but California just lead the way. (Other states and cities are getting on board).

In 2021, 50% of daily vehicle trips were less than 3 miles. (Bureau of Transportation facts). 28% were less than 1 mile. E-bike sales have exceeded expectations however, costs are still high.  Average E-bike starts around $1,000 to $2,000 which may be cheaper than a car but prohibitive for some. Enter the California Air Resources Board (CARB) who a program to incentivize purchase.  Reaching climate goals, reducing VMT’s and improving air quality is a win win for the state. CARB will offer a point of sale of $1000 off on a standard E-bike, $750 for larger cargo bikes. This would include adaptive E-bikes as well as recumbent. To qualify households cannot have more than 300% of federal poverty line or $83,000 for family of 4. First come first served with $13 million set aside for the program.

David Zipper has written a great article for Sierra Club entitled, “Pedal to the Metal” for the fall issue.  David Zipper | Sierra Club. He states 800,000 E-bikes were sold in the US in 2021 with sales continually climbing. Germany bought 1.2 million E-bikes in just 6 months.

David updates the E-bike movement and where in the US strides are being made. is monitoring the state for the roll out program in California. Second quarter of 2023 is the tentative date to apply for a voucher/rebate.