Coastal Alert from PRSC

ACTION ALERT on the Local Coastal Plan….. time sensitive!

(Note: Supervisors are signaling once again that monied interests from out of the area get their way in this county. Locals and scientists working with the Planning Commission for months came up with a great compromise until Permit Sonoma decided they want the coast developed. How many more 3-2 votes decide our future? It’s time to oust the supervisors that bend over backwards to support corporate raiders instead of residents.) 

From our friends at PRSC: Our Sonoma Coast is in need of an emailed expression of your support right now, directed to each of our County Supervisors.  

On Tuesday, April 4, the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors signaled that they are inclined to WEAKEN our most important coastal protections contained in our Local Coastal Plan, which provides the prototype for how our coastal environment will be managed for the next ten to twenty years. The Board is proposing to remove the most critical parcel-specific stewardship measures all along our coast, kept in place for 40 years or more, that provide an extra measure of protection for the most sensitive habitats and viewsheds along our shoreline.  To arbitrarily remove these protections now would amount to caving in to intense lobbying pressure from a New Jersey developer who wants to build what is essentially a new small town by bulldozing critical habitat between Coast Highway One and the blufftops near Timber Cove, closing public access to the coast during his high-end “Special Events”.  Write to all five of our Supervisors, with the message “Dear Supervisor, Please maintain the longstanding parcel-specific protections as part of the Sonoma Coast LCP.” (or just write your own from your heart).  Send this email to, and to  Time is of the essence. Please Share!