CEQA Needs You: Developers Have Long Wanted to Eliminate

CEQA, the public tool to good health and environment


Governor Newsom has announced a package of 11 budget-trailer bills that would make significant changes to CEQA. This use of trailer bills to weaken CEQA is an abuse of the budget process and is intentionally designed to avoid an open and transparent discussion about some massive policy decisions. These proposals should instead go through the regular legislative process to allow for inclusive public engagement and give time for policy and legal experts to analyze these important policy changes. It is especially undemocratic to try to amend CEQA — a statute designed to provide for public input and participation — through such a closed-doors process. Please see this opposition letter signed by 70+ organizations about this issue.

Please TAKE ACTION NOW by contacting your state Assemblymember and Senator. We need to make their phones ring and flood their inboxes! They need to hear from thousands of Californians and hundreds of organizations THIS WEEK. Please let them know that you oppose the Governor’s use of the budget trailer bill process to make significant changes to CEQA; that this process excludes the voice of the people and shuts down any meaningful public engagement; and that you support keeping CEQA strong to protect public health, the environment, the climate, and the people’s voice.

As you know, CEQA is the best tool we have to protect Californians from excessive, preventable air and water pollution and wildfire danger, fight climate change and protect the environment.

To find your state representatives’ names and contact information, go to:https://findyourrep.legislature.ca.gov/

Decisions are being made THIS WEEK so please take action today.

Thank you!

CEQA Works