CONGAS ALERT: Public Hearing POSTPONED – May 11 – New gas station proposal


Public Hearing – May 11 – New gas station proposal at 43 Middle Rincon Road, Santa Rosa


Pasted below, in THIS LINK, and attached is a Public Notice about a Public Hearing that will take place on Thursday, May 11 @ 4:30pm on the gas station proposal at 43 Middle Rincon Road (Highway 12 and Middle Rincon) in east Santa Rosa. 
If you recall, the prohibitions on new gas stations that we have been successful in securing in six cities and for the unincorporated parts of the County do not apply to projects already “in the pipeline” where complete permit application had been filed. This is one of two in Santa Rosa. This is the one where a family was evicted to make way for the gas station.

The Public Notice is all the information I have at this time. There is no meeting detail or agenda posted yet at the city’s website. I am working on trying to obtain the latest documents for review, which should include a staff report and several CEQA-required environmental documents.

In the meantime, whether you can attend the hearing on the 11th or not, please consider sending a quick email to the assigned City Planner on this case expressing your opposition to the project: Kristinae Toomians <> and copy the Planning Commission at

That said, I hope many of you can be there on May 11 to let them know the middle of a climate crisis is no time to be expanding fossil fuel infrastructure!

Please let me know if you would like to be more involved in this particular project!
More to come soon,