Friends of Felta Creek Update on Hearing

UPDATE: Quick afternoon update to end your week on a high note.

We have just returned from the Regional Water Quality Control Board meeting. Ken Bareilles was charged with violations and fines totaling $250,891 for discharging sediment into Felta Creek
 and adjoining waterways. All as a result of negligent timber harvest practices.
After presentations by the prosecuting staff and the chance for Bareilles to defend himself, The Water Quality Board came to a quick and unanimous verdict of guilt and to INCREASE the proposed fines to a total of $276,000!!!!
Please be sure to see upcoming article in the PD by Mary Callahan who has done an admirable job covering this story for over six years.
More details will follow as we have time to digest the outcome and recover from a day spent in the hearing room all together.
For the creek, the fish, the trees and our community,
Quincey and Lucy

Logger Ken Bareilles Charged with Violations Carrying Hefty Fines

Dear Friends,
Thanks to many of you for your interest and letters to the Regional Water Board supporting their upcoming Administrative Civil Liability (ACL) Complaint against Ken Bareilles. He is facing a $250,000 fine.
The hearing will be Friday, June 16th. The meeting starts at 9am and the ACL is the second major item of business.
9:00 a.m., Friday, June 16, 2023
Regional Water Quality Control Board
David C. Joseph Room
5550 Skylane Blvd., Suite A
Santa Rosa, CA 95403
and via Video and Teleconference
Click here for the meeting agenda, address and zoom contact.


It’s been a while since we’ve been in touch. We have news. The Water Quality Board is charging Ken Bareilles with violations that result in hefty fines.

The case against Humboldt County attorney and timber operator, Ken Bareilles, will be considered in a public hearing of the North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board on Friday June 16th. Bareilles owns the Fox Meadows property with his wife, Linda, with critical riparian habitat in the headwaters of Felta Creek in Healdsburg. 

Until the property was affected by the Walbridge Fire of 2020, Bareilles’ applications to heavily log the steep hillsides of the property had been denied twice by Cal Fire. As a licensed timber operator, Bareilles has been cited with environmental violations throughout the last two decades. But under a Salvage Exemption, he was able to log with apparent impunity. It was carried out with all too predictable results: the failure to protect critical habitat and numerous incidences of sedimentation into the creek.  The Water Board has charged Mr. Bareilles with a fine of $251,000.00 for failing to protect Felta Creek after repeated site visits and warnings. 

Friends of Felta Creek acknowledges the dedication of the NCRWQCB for its pursuit of accountability. We encourage you to write to the Water Board (staff and board addresses below)  or to appear in person at the hearing to show your support for the Water Board prosecuting Bareilles to the full extent of their authority.

We are, as of yet, uncertain if FFC will have the opportunity to voice our support but we believe our respectful presence will be known. If you’d like to appear in person, please let us know so we can be as organized as possible. RSVP here. 


5550 Skylane Blvd. Suite A, Santa Rosa, CA 95403

The meeting is scheduled to start at 9am. Participating via Zoom is an option. At this time, we do not have an exact time when the Bareilles case will be heard. 

Please use the following links to read the complaint and details about the procedure. Also available at

Notice of Public Hearing and Hearing Procedure

Meeting Announcement

Administrative Civil Liability Complaint No. R1-2023-0026

Transmittal Letter

Fact Sheet

We will send out an update on Monday, June 12 and do our best to update

Thank you for helping us help the Water Board hold Ken Bareilles accountable for his irresponsible actions. 

And if you missed it, please take a look at Mary Callahan’s excellent article on the subject from the PD. Here.

Many kind regards,

Quincey Imhoff

Email letters of support for ACL #R1-2023-0026 to:

Advisory Team

Prosecution Team