Let Wine Industry Self Police Water Discharges? Heck no. Take action by August 30th 5pm

Over 2 million pounds of chemicals a year leaching into depleted water resources furthering the degradation of our water. Please take time to send water board an email. Wine industry has written tons of letters so we need to respond.

North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board

5550 Skylane Blvd, Suite A

Santa Rosa, CA 95403-1072

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RE: Comments on Draft Vineyard Order

Regional Water Board and Staff:

August 25, 2023

North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board,

Wine and Water Watch is a local organization of over 250 citizens concerned with the over-development of the wine/tourism industry, promotion of ethical land use, climate change action, conservation of our water resources and social justice issues.

Wine & Water Watch would like to point out that our organization has been working in this County for over a decade to get toxic pollutants out of the vineyards. We have incubated and assisted other groups of parents and residents concerned about the abuses of this industry.  California Department of Pesticide Regulations (CDPR) publishes the chemicals used by this industry on a yearly basis and reports yearly averages of 2 to 2 ½ million pounds of chemicals inundating the fields. Bioaccumulating chemicals and toxins are spread by water and end up in the soil and wind and are impacting everything that lives in this county. We urge you to do whatever you can to reduce this health risk.

The wine industry has consistently flaunted environmental concerns as evidenced by enormous fines due to their more egregious acts. It’s only after the ecological crimes are exposed that the industry comes out against the perpetrators. Self-policing is not the answer. Gaslighting and greenwashing rather than protecting the environment appears to be the modus operandi. We believe the industry needs consistent and active monitoring on all discharges into our watersheds. Wine conglomerates are depleting and concentrating the toxins further exacerbating an already critical element that living organisms need to survive. We further believe there should be complete transparency and thorough monitoring in the process. Fines for noncompliance should be considerable.

Thank you for the opportunity to comment.

Wine & Water Watch Board