UPDATE: 60,000 meals served! World Central Kitchen Feeding Maui & Hawaii Fire Victims

Wine & Water Watch has just donated to the World Central Kitchen to feed the fire victims of Maui & Hawaii.

Chef Andres working with local chefs are cooking in multiple locations 24 hours a day. Please consider donating.

Donate to World Central Kitchen (wck.org)

Thank you for your gift.

My friend,

Thanks to amazing supporters like you, World Central Kitchen has served hundreds of millions of nourishing meals to people affected by disasters across the world—whether a hurricane, extreme flooding, wildfire, or humanitarian crisis, WCK teams are able to respond immediately only because of all the people who fuel our efforts.

Since 2017, when I first landed in Puerto Rico after Hurricane María, I have seen the way communities come together following disasters, everyone doing their part to help neighbors in their darkest hour. With thousands of people showing up to chop, stir, cook, and serve, we’ve been able to expand the way we respond—not just to natural disasters… but WCK has been there for families who have been forced to flee home because of violence, hunger, for the opportunity to have a better life. When the pandemic forever changed the world, our teams were there, and served tens of millions of meals to families in need. In 2022, when innocent Ukrainian families were suddenly attacked, what started with a pot of hot soup on the border in Poland turned into one of the largest food relief operations in Ukraine in a matter of weeks.

With your generous gift today, WCK will continue our work ensuring everyone has a hot plate of food when needed most. We know that a plate of food is so much more than a meal, it is hope, it’s love, it’s a sign that you are not alone and that we care.

Thank you.

I’d love to share more about the places WCK has been and the incredible people we’ve met… read more about our efforts and sign up for our newsletter.

Thank you for feeding Maui fire victims. We here in Sonoma County have had our share of disasters from fires. Keep strong. Maui Strong!

Wine & Water Watch Board Members