Forest Unlimited: Tuesday November 28th for Tree Ordinance and Oak Woodlands Protection

Forest Unlimited Supporters,
There are two significant tree protection ordinances coming up before the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday, November 28 for approval. One is an ordinance protecting individual trees and one is on protecting oak woodlands. The Planning Commission had hearings on them and gave their approval. We do not want to take anything for granted so please write to your supervisor and ask them to support the planning commission recommendations.
The tree ordinance previously was very weak. The current ordinances are significant because many trees/woodlands will be protected and the threshold requiring their protections will be more appropriate.
There are so many benefits to protecting trees. If they are removed, they take decades to grow to provide the same level of ecosystem services to our communities. Trees have watershed, soil holding, shade, and wind benefits. They are crucial to our wildlife diversity. To top it off, they are the best at carbon sequestering in our struggle against climate change. 
Feel free to draw a picture, send a photo, or poem to the Sonoma County Supervisors to express your strong support for the updated Tree Ordinance and the new Oak Protection Ordinance. Comments must be received by Friday, November 24th.
Comments/letters go to: and
Please cc Forest Unlimited:
Please consider attending the board meeting on Tuesday, Nov 28, 9 a.m. to support both ordinances
Thank you for your commitment and efforts to protect our Sonoma County trees.
Kimberly Burr, 
On behalf of Forest Unlimited