Wholistic Fire Prevention Starts Now

Wholistic Fire Prevention Starts Now

TARGETED GOAT GRAZING? It’s year round, economical, efficient and natural way to practice Regenerative Ag. 


San Clemente Islands goats at work clearing underbrush

Goats, especially certain breeds, are natural brush eaters.  They eat the stuff that becomes tinder for wildfires.  When managed well they eat the troublesome stuff, poison oak a favorite, and leave the mature trees and native plants to thrive.  They can be part of a healthy way to manage forests, chaparral and rangeland.

Enter Charlotte Williams with her San Clemente Islands goats and guardian dogs.

“The destructive and devastating wildfires near my home in Northern California have inspired me to do what I can to stop them. The 2017 Tubbs Fires started about one mile from our town.  Over 5,000 homes burned in that fire, some belonging to people I’ve known for more than thirty-five years. The 2020 Glass Fire came to within 100 yards of our house.”

Starting a goat grazing business for the main purpose of fire hazard mitigation is no easy activity. Williams is operating the business on her own and purchased the goats and equipment with help from a GoFundMe campaign, Charlotte’s Goats vs Fire. Charlotte can be reached at:  goats@sonic.net.  Winter is a tough time financially for these types of businesses. Please consider supporting Charlotte by getting an early start on fire season. Record rains equal record fires, act now.

One of Charlottes “guardian dogs”, Anatolian/Great Pyrenees shepherd mix, trained to protect the goats.