Wine vs. weed in Napa Valley

“Some winemakers see marijuana as a threat to their image and, potentially, the quality of their grapes. But others see cannabis as the only real way to diversify the county’s grape-dominant agricultural economy as millennials shy away from wine drinking….


Trump delivers on pledge for wealthy California farmers

Trump delivers on pledge for wealthy California Farmers WASHINGTON, D.C. – Hoisting the spoils of victories in California’s hard-fought water wars, President Donald Trump is directing more of the state’s precious water to wealthy farmers and other agriculture interests when…


Sonoma County needs a TREE ORDINANCE now.

Grape glut or not, our GHG/carbon sequestering resources are being destroyed for more vineyards.  The supervisors continue to kick the can down the road……. Older Trees are being bulldozed in significant chunks….no analysis of GHGs…. Windsor River Road. February 2020…