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Millennials Are Sick of Drinking

A 2017 study found that in counties with legalized medicinal cannabis, alcohol sales dropped more than 12 percent when compared with similar counties without weed. Recreational legalization has the potential to bolster that effect by making cannabis products even more broadly accessible. The beverage industry does seem to see the writing on the wall. Over …

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“Why Be A Food Farmer” by Shepherd Bliss

Got food security? Sonoma County brings in 96{5fc40a96f14c4a6aa4c2a32569b0a57dcc67c0b31eb04c341474283f11b6cdd2} of all food products in this agriculturally rich county. According to the Sonoma County 2014 Crop Report, published by our Agricultural Commissioner, Tony Linegar, we had a mere 539 acres in vegetables which produced an amazing $12,927,100 of income. That averages out to $23,983.48 per acre! At …

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