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Another letter to deny

To: Everett Louie; bos@sonoma-county.org. Subject: UPC18-0001 Public Hearing August 12, 2020 Board of Supervisors – Public Comment Re: the proposed grow at 885 Montgomery Road in Sebastopol If you vote to approve this application on August 12th, at the same time please make…


Wine vs. weed in Napa Valley

“Some winemakers see marijuana as a threat to their image and, potentially, the quality of their grapes. But others see cannabis as the only real way to diversify the county’s grape-dominant agricultural economy as millennials shy away from wine drinking….


Water-Trading Market Runs Into Trouble

Napa & Sonoma County future for the vineyards/cannabis as climate impacts climb and water becomes profit…..  “In California, some local authorities see trading as a way to comply with legislation that requires groundwater use to reach sustainable levels by the early 2040s. In Nevada, the…