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Watershed issues in the cannabis regulations

The County is still accepting comments on Phase 2 of the cannabis regulations. We have 5 state watershed impaired areas that have NOT been protected by the county. Please consider writing a short note to the supervisors that no permitting…


Wine vs. weed in Napa Valley

“Some winemakers see marijuana as a threat to their image and, potentially, the quality of their grapes. But others see cannabis as the only real way to diversify the county’s grape-dominant agricultural economy as millennials shy away from wine drinking….


NapaVision 2050: The “Grape Glut” Conundrum

Same situation in Sonoma County…the destruction of forests and oak woodlands, planting in water sensitive areas continues….“Tragedy of the Commons”, Thomas Hardin…. NapaVision 2050: The “Grape Glut” Conundrum The “Grape Glut” Conundrum Napa has reached its peak. The tank is…