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Winery Events and CANNA-TOURISM

Local Activists: CANNA-TOURISM Sending our position paper on canna-tourism again in light of the  push by BOS to move the Winery Events Ordinance forward during the pandemic. Gore opined at the December 17th BOS meeting that canna-tourism  was already here and needed to be a part of Phase 2. Currently it is prohibited. To: Niki Berrocal …

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Napa County takes first step to rein in wineries that break the law

In recent years, industry opposition has been bubbling up, especially over greater traffic on Highway 29 and the Silverado Trail. In June, local voters narrowly rejected an amendment that would have limited vineyard development on hills and mountains to provide greater protection to the environment. Sonoma County officials are paying close attention to the actions …

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Opinion: The Summit of Temerity

The local Sonoma Index-Tribune paper (owned by the PD) printed this extremely well written Letter to the Editor after the Belden Barns BOS vote. The Editor also nailed the title to this published letter, “The summit of temerity” ! Note that Knights Valley appeal hearing was postponed last minute after clear violations of the General Plan, …

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