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Indivisible: This March we go on offense in the House

Indivisible: This March we go on offense in the House ——————————————– Indivisibles, Introduction of the most ambitious, inclusive version of Medicare For All yet. A vote to revoke Trump’s fake emergency declaration. Oversight hearings where Democrats showed up and asked…


What if Workers Owned Their Workplaces?

“What worker-owned cooperatives offer is simply this: a stake for each worker in the future. Based on a structure centered on shared equity and worker autonomy, the business model, which hews to a principle of “one-member-one-vote” workplace governance, intrinsically guarantees…


The Big Cheat of 2018: Corporations Make Billions in Profits, Demand Tax Refunds from the American Public

CORPORATE WELFARE & THE “RIGGED SYSTEM”:  The corporate tax rate nosedived from 35{5fc40a96f14c4a6aa4c2a32569b0a57dcc67c0b31eb04c341474283f11b6cdd2} to 21{5fc40a96f14c4a6aa4c2a32569b0a57dcc67c0b31eb04c341474283f11b6cdd2} in 2017, but the thirty companies listed here paid only 8.7{5fc40a96f14c4a6aa4c2a32569b0a57dcc67c0b31eb04c341474283f11b6cdd2} of their reported U.S. income in current federal taxes (even worse, an estimated 7.4{5fc40a96f14c4a6aa4c2a32569b0a57dcc67c0b31eb04c341474283f11b6cdd2} if U.S….